Eid Mubarak

Today we had Mrs. Khan (Mikhayel’s mom) visit us and share how her family celebrates Eid. She talked about 30 days of fasting before the Eid celebration from sunrise to sunset and we all thought that would be hard to do. She told us the family goes to the Mosque in the morning and then visit family and friends, eat food and exchange gifts. Each of us received a small gift gift from Mikhayel and Inaya, both whom celebrate Eid.

SKs visit a Grade 1 Class

Today, the SKs visited Mr. Philip’s grade 1 classroom. This was to introduce them to a grade 1 program. They read a story “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” and worked at “literacy centres”. They also played the “10” game. They noticed some things are the same as kindergarten but some things are different. “We have free-choice in kindergarten but it is called free time in grade 1”, said a student. Our JKs had grade 1 buddies come to kindergarten today and helped us with a rainbow word search (a SK activity). Thank you to Mr. Philip and the grade 1 students for helping us to see what next year will bring.

Combining as We Explore Adding

We have been exploring combining as we investigate the question: How many are there now? We looked at picture books and told stories that include numbers. These activities help children begin to understand that there are many different adding problems that they can solve. We created addition stories and shared these. E.g. 2 friends were at the park and 2 friends came. How many friends were at the park? Check out some of our adding work.

Rounds Ranch Trip

We had a beautiful day at Rounds Ranch yesterday. We had a chance to milk a pretend cow and pet and feed the farm animals. We had a picnic in the pavilion, played in the sandbox, road the barnyard boxcar and the pedal cart race, climbed the tire pyramid and horses and pumped the water for duck races. We slid down small and big slides and some of us tried the zipline as well. Thank you to all our volunteers who helped out on our trip.

Jump Rope For Heart Fun

Last week, we had our jump rope for heart event. We rotated through many fun stations run by our grade 7/8 leaders. We skipped with small ropes, double ropes, played snakey snakey, helicopter, ran the bases, parachute with skipping rope snakes, scooter race through a skipping rope track, obstacle course, soccer and hoola hoops. Did we reach our school goal of raising $4000? We will have to wait and see!

Walk to School

Students who walked to school on Wednesday received a green ribbon from some South Simcoe Police for “Walk to School Wednesday”. This is to encourage parents and students to leave the car at home and walk, bicycle, skateboard, rollerblade or scooter to school. This encourages kids to get active and reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Check out some of our walkers at Fieldcrest.

Exploring Capacity

Exploring capacity such as playing in a sandbox with cups or bowls in the bathtub or playing with rice, beans or whatever you have are all math. We explored different sized containers and talked about which would hold the most water and put them in order (smallest to largest). We learned about capacity and practiced our estimating skills at the same time as we filled a container with cubes. We were asked “How many cubes do you think your container will hold?” and then “Check if you are right”.

Saying good bye to Ms. Pizel

We celebrated Secretary’s Day and thanked Ms. Pizel, Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Trimis for all they do here at Fieldcrest. “Thank you for the band-aids and the ice.” “Thank you for bringing us our forgotten mittens or lunch”. “Thank you for doing the announcements”. We also just found out Ms. Pizel is leaving Fieldcrest. She has been a familiar face in our school office for 14 years. Wishing Ms. Pizel all the best in her new position. She will always be a Falcon!

Crazy Hair Day for our Optimism Assembly

Today was crazy hair day at Fieldcrest for our Optimism Assembly. Check out the crazy hair in room 102. We read the story “Crazy Hair Day” by Barney Saltzberg. Poor Stanley showed up to school thinking it was crazy hair day but it was picture day. To make him feel better, his classmates placed items from the classroom on their heads for their class photo. A child’s worst day ever was eased by kindness and friendship.