Diwali Is Here

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights. Wherever Diwali is celebrated you will see decorations of small oil lamps (diyas)placed on window sills and outside buildings. You will also see Rangoli patterns, beautifully made decorations drawn on floors and even pavements usually with rice flour and water or coloured sand. After seeing the rangoli pattern made from coloured rice in our school foyer, we decided to try and make our own in the classroom. We coloured salt with food colouring and let it sit overnight. We made blue, purple and red salt. A few of us tried to glue our coloured salt on a pattern and others coloured rangoli patterns with markers. Diwali is here! Diwali is here!

What Comes Next?

We have been working on identifying, extending and creating patterns. A pattern is a sequence of items that repeats over again, for instance, a square, a circle, a square, a circle; or stripes that are red, blue, green, red, blue, green. Extending and recording patterns strengthen children’s ability to predict and form the basis of problem solving. On pattern day, we saw many patterns on shirts, pants, hats and gloves. We also found many patterns in our classroom such as lunch bags, curtains in our puppet centre and our carpet to name a few. Look for patterns around your home or when you are out together. You will find patterns on fabric, wallpaper, floor tiles, clothing and so on. Encourage your child to say out loud the patterns he or she sees.

Making Applesauce

Last week we made homemade applesauce in class. We peeled and cored and diced the apples and placed them in a crockpot. We added maple syrup, brown sugar and lots of cinnamon. The room smelled amazing. We all had a taste and a few asked for seconds. Mr. Dunkley, Ms. Booth and Mrs. Walke even came from the office to have a taste.

Terry Fox Run September 28

Today was our school’s annual Terry Fox Run. We ran around the soccer nets and collected a popsicle stick after each lap completed. Our class alone ran 220 laps. Thank you to those families who donated money for our Terry Fox Run in support of cancer research. The Terry Fox Foundation has worked to achieve Terry’ vision– a world without cancer.

International Dot Day Sept. 15

September 15th is International Dot Day. It is a day in which people of all ages are encouraged to harness their own creativity and embrace their own confidence as they make their mark on the world. On this day, people are encouraged to embrace their talents whether it is writing, painting, drawing or some other creative medium and share their Dot Day inspiration with others. We celebrated Dot Day in our classroom by reading the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds and we also decorated dots with paint or oil pastels.

Weeding our Kindergarten Garden

When we came back to school from summer holidays, we noticed how messy our kindergarten garden was. We worked hard with Mrs. Switzer pulling weeds and picking up litter. We also noticed how tall our sunflowers were. They were even taller than Mrs. Switzer. Now we can see our garden sign and the flowers!

Worm Away Our Garbage

Our red wriggler worms are back in room 102. They were cared for by a daycare over the summer months in York Region. Worms are an efficient way to quickly compost a variety of food and other scraps. Our worms are busy converting the “food” into rich castings. We have been saving food scraps in our worm composting bin, chopping up the food and feeding it to the worms. We add some shredded paper and give the worm bedding a spray with water as well. We all had a chance to hold one of the worms who squirmed alot as they did not like the light.

Eid Mubarak

Today we had Mrs. Khan (Mikhayel’s mom) visit us and share how her family celebrates Eid. She talked about 30 days of fasting before the Eid celebration from sunrise to sunset and we all thought that would be hard to do. She told us the family goes to the Mosque in the morning and then visit family and friends, eat food and exchange gifts. Each of us received a small gift gift from Mikhayel and Inaya, both whom celebrate Eid.

SKs visit a Grade 1 Class

Today, the SKs visited Mr. Philip’s grade 1 classroom. This was to introduce them to a grade 1 program. They read a story “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” and worked at “literacy centres”. They also played the “10” game. They noticed some things are the same as kindergarten but some things are different. “We have free-choice in kindergarten but it is called free time in grade 1”, said a student. Our JKs had grade 1 buddies come to kindergarten today and helped us with a rainbow word search (a SK activity). Thank you to Mr. Philip and the grade 1 students for helping us to see what next year will bring.