Crazy Carpet Fun

We had our first opportunity to enjoy the fresh snow on the hills and headed out for some crazy carpet fun. It was a lot of work trying to sit on the carpet at the top of the hill before it took off down the hill. Many of us ended up on our tummies or with one leg on the carpet and some of us saw the carpet go down the hill without anybody on it!

Bob the Elf from the North Pole

Bob the elf has arrived in our classroom from the North Pole. Yes, this is the name we have given him. He is here to be Santa’s helper and let him know if we are behaving and make Santa glad. In order to keep his magic alive the children are to keep their hands off when Bob arrives each morning. He has been found hanging from our Christmas decorations, using Mrs. T and Mrs McLeod’s word pointer, wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and taped to the wall and today he was hiding in our bug collector at our science table. The children are excited each morning to see where Bob ends up.

Leaf Clean-Up

We decided to “think globally” as Errol Lee shared with us in his concert here at Fieldcrest. We raked the leaves and picked up garbage at the front of our school. We had a chance to jump in our last pile of leaves before we placed them in the bag. The best part of fall season is jumping in a pile of leaves!

Errol Lee Visits Fieldcrest

Errol Lee is a singer and songwriter who grew up in very difficult and challenging circumstances and he has used these experiences as lessons to live a life of character. Errol Lee believes it is cool to care! We sang and danced to “Lean on Me”, “Think Globally”, “The Golden Rule” and “We Care” to name a few. The children performed for an audience of parents, families and friends and then told Errol what they loved about his concert: “the music, the dancing and his message”.

Protecting our Trees from Winter Damage

Our tree seedlings we planted in the spring have grown quite a bit. Mrs. Switzer had the children place leaves at the base of the trees and then cover the seedlings with buckets as the winter sun, wind and cold temperatures can damage these trees. Snow and ice can break the branches and topple the entire tree. We can’t wait til the spring to have another look at our trees and hope they survive the winter months.

The 7 Grandfather Teachings

We had visitors from the scdsb share with us the seven sacred laws or grandfather teachings from the First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples. These laws offer direction for anyone wishing to have a balanced and peaceful life. Each law is represented by an animal. The animal world teaches us how to live close to the Earth and reminds us of our connection to nature. Eagle wants to teach the message of love. The buffalo teaches us about respect. The wolf teaches about putting others before yourself. Turtle reminds us to tell the truth. Beaver teaches us to be wise, safe and strong. Sabay teaches us to be honest. Bear teaches us to show courage.

Halloween Parade and Dance

All the kindergarten classes dressed in Halloween costumes and paraded through the school to show off their costumes. Check out our creative costumes. We had Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol, Spiderman, Gekko and Cat Boy from P.J. Masks and many others. We also danced in the gym in our costumes to some fun dance music arranged by our older students. Hope all at a Happy Halloween!

Fall Food Drive

Thank you to our families from room 102 for showing compassion for those families in need in our community and collecting 107 items for our school’s fall food drive. We were the top classroom and raised the most items. Congratulations to our youngest Falcons!

Pumpkin Carving

We read the story “Pumpkin Faces” and then took a vote which face we would like to carve in our pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern. The choices were jolly, sad, silly or mad. The jolly face won. Check out our pumpkin fun and the jolly face.

Diwali Is Here

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights. Wherever Diwali is celebrated you will see decorations of small oil lamps (diyas)placed on window sills and outside buildings. You will also see Rangoli patterns, beautifully made decorations drawn on floors and even pavements usually with rice flour and water or coloured sand. After seeing the rangoli pattern made from coloured rice in our school foyer, we decided to try and make our own in the classroom. We coloured salt with food colouring and let it sit overnight. We made blue, purple and red salt. A few of us tried to glue our coloured salt on a pattern and others coloured rangoli patterns with markers. Diwali is here! Diwali is here!